Friday, October 7, 2011

Fighting with Pillows

                                           Fighting with Pillows 

       By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

A low pillow makes it easy and pleasant to sleep supine!
But with a thick pillow you're in danger of sudden death,
Your neck broken in a snap, all ready for the coffin --
It's so much more safe to sleep on ones side! 
Dear Father rules over two or three fluffy pillows
Spooking himself just to excuse padding his body!
Don't even bother with them, they wear you out.
Whether on side or back, use an arm for support!

                                            Sleep just enough. Don't linger after the pleasures 
                                            Of sleep, not wanting to get up. It's a brain disease 
                                            With selfish defilements puffing up the heart
                                            Until we need far too many luxuries for our own good.

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