Friday, October 14, 2011

The World Today

The World Today

    By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Sometimes I have a chat with “God,”
Who looks after this trembling world
With so much tolerance, kindness, and care,
Yet the world’s beings still tremble and quake.






The world is stinking drunk on materialism,
Heartbroken with pains worse than violent death.
“Living dead” hour to hour as if life is a joke
Is worse than dying just once into the coffin. 


Whatever they attempt, they still miss seeing the path,
Too terrified of giving up and abandoning everything.
It will happen only when Dhamma returns just in time
And the world turns towards the joy of Sri Araya’s Age.


 * Sri Araya Mettaya is popularly believed to be the next Buddha, who will usher in an era of peace and universal kindness.


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