Thursday, October 27, 2011



By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu


The world must have all kinds of religion, there can’t be just one, but they must be able to understand each other. (67) 


Everyone ought to get ready to share the world with the lunatics. (68) 


To put it most correctly, no hindrances (nivarana) is the precise meaning of being concentrated. (69) 


Learning Dhamma in the forest has Nibbana as its object; learning Dhamma in the city has Food, Fun, and Fame as its object. (70) 


Take the Dhamma meant to be learned in the forest and study it in the university: you’ll end up with a piece of prestigious paper. (71) 


Give people the opportunity and means to help themselves, that's really giving "The Gift of Dhamma." (72) 

To make someone diligent you also must give them the means to prevent mental disease. (73) 


If people knew why animals aren't neurotic, people wouldn't be neurotic at ever increasing rates. (74) 


The Buddha didn't teach death and reincarnation; rather, he taught only the matter of dukkha and the quenching of dukkha. (75) 


The thing deceiving us the most is that thing we name "happiness." (76)


We can be happy or miserable without a "person," it only takes mind concocted or unconcocted to experience whichever condition. (77) 


Having Dhamma is like being in a mosquito net and beckoning the mosquitoes (dukkha) to come and bite. (78) 


Voidness – Truth – Nibbana: these are asankhata (unconcocted). (79) 


Even among fish there are both householders and homeless wanderers, so why can't people also have both? (80) 


Personal language is supposed truth, Dhamma Language is ultimate truth. (81) 


The Lord Buddha spoke in both people language and Dhamma Language. (82) 


Why must they forbid teaching anatta, suññata, and the Kalama Sutta?(83)


If you look carefully, there's only gain and never loss, even in the dukkha and death we so intensely fear and despise. (84) 


The Correct – Good – Real – Beautiful Thing is what quenches dukkha. (85) 


"Of the people, by the people, for the people" -- be I careful, 

the people could be crazy. (86) 


When the owners and workers can love each other there will be lasting peace. 



The United Nations is still just Malivaraja3 trying to put out fires with a leaky bucket. (88) 


Genuine happiness doesn't require money, but causes a surplus of it. (89) 


Raise dogs as our teachers, in order to be people rather than dogs. (90) 


We must teach non-attachment even to thumb-sucking babes. (91) 


Enough contentment to bow to oneself is true heaven here and now. (92)


Don't live or do anything with expectations, only with sati-pañña (mindfulness and wisdom). (93) 


Ethical fearlessness is the pinnacle of courage. (94) 


When duty isn't done there, Dhamma flees the monastery to live amidst the rice fields. (95) 


“Mr. Grope" is everyone's teacher, even the philosopher's. (96) 


Dhammic Socialism is the owners and workers being able to love each other. (97) 


Except dukkha and dukkha's quenching, nothing requires our interest and attention. (98) 


Though evil may not show any physical effects it spooks and disturbs the mind until death. Don't play games with it. (99) 


Every kind of samadhi is one-pinnacled mind with Nibbana as its sole concern. (l00) 


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