Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mangosteen Dharma

Mangosteen Dharma

  By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu


One little monkey biting through the mangosteen's bitter skin
furiously throws it tumbling away heads over heals.
Another monkey, more observant, knowing where value lies,
splits open the rind, eats the fruit inside, a monkey's delight. 


Fools shut off religion, complaining it is too bitter, too ascetic,
furiously raging against it as if they're possessed by demons.
True Ones unearth the inner Dharma and find real Truth;
savoring Dharma, they taste happiness every day and night. 

Monkeys and people can both go mad, just about the same.
Swallow wisely, it goes down smoothly and effortlessly;
swallow skin and all, eyes roll backward and one dies standing.
Swallow the inner flesh, the refreshing and delightful Dharma. 


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