Thursday, October 27, 2011



By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

The more progress, the more insanity with the material; the, more insane, the more believing it is progress. (34)


The terrible thing to know first of all is the story of these five nivarana (hindrances); if they aren’t known it’s impossible to know anything~ about kilesa (defilement). (35) 


Being a comrade of nature is something that interests no one. (36)


The Heart of Buddhism in the symbol of the cross -- "cutting ego-body." (37)


The Heart of Buddhism on The Bible's first page: not attaching to good and evil; otherwise you must die. (38) 


Everyone is capable of being a Buddhadasa (Servant of the Buddha), if not a lot then at least a bit, but they aren’t at all interested. (39) 


There are two kinds of deathlessness: not dying physically (for sentient beings) and not dying spiritually (for human beings). (40)


People who despise the Wat and despise the Dhamma mostly aren't aware that they hate; thus, they never think of turning to Dhamma. (41) 


Vinaya was laid established, Dhamma was discovered and proclaimed; this is how different they are. (42) 


Life survives by naturally occurring "temporary Nibbanas"; otherwise, we'd all be neurotic, if not flat-out dead. (43) 


The world's people are ungrateful – as if deaf and blind – toward "temporary Nibbana." On top of that they become traitors by reviling Nibbana. (44) 


Every point and system of morality has Paramattha-dhamma (ultimate truth) as its source. (45) 


If morality doesn't return there will be world annihilation, if it comes back the world will be tranquil and cool; but no one is at all interested. (46) 


If ultimate truth returns the world will be bright, if it doesn't return the world remains dark; but now the darkness has become ordinary. (47)


Humans are creating a world such that God can do nothing but merely sit and watch blinking away anger and tears. (48) 


Children really are the true world builders of the future. (49) 


That worshipping in front of Buddha images, however much they arrange it, the more superstitious it becomes. (50) 


If we watch the world that God is creating this very moment, we'll see how undependable it is and that it can't be trusted either. (51) 


Fools say that only time eats us and that we can't eat time. (52) 


When we're gluttonous, food eats us; when we're mindful, we eat food. How it is typically, you'd better think and observe for yourself. (53) 


Interpreting paraloka wrongly it becomes the "next world." Actually, it's "another kind of world" from what we usually have here. (54) 


The more incense and candles lit, the more it becomes superstition; at best, it's Buddhism for thumbsucking kids. (55) 


Sexual pleasures are the wages for breeding, don't get too interested or you'll end up worshipping them. (56) 


I can't give you riches, but might give a mind far more valuable. (57)


Buddhists must know how to speak both people language and Dhamma language. (58)


One person speaks money language, another speaks Dhamma language; how in the world will they understand each other. (59) 


Language spoken as if there was a "self" is people language; words spoken without any meaning of "self" is Dhamma language. (60) 


Be careful that metta-karuna (loving kindness and compassion) don't become sexual love before you know it. (61)


One should manage daily life so that it is full with Nibbana -– tranquility of coolness. (62) 


They wait to receive the flavor of Nibbana after they've died, although they ought to receive it here and now. (63) 


Every kind of work always makes one a bit smarter, even sweeping up trash. (64) 


Equal rights for women deprive the world of both fathers and mothers, leaving only sexless neuters. (65) 


The churches built by a Personal God will be closing down, but the churches' built by idappaccayata (the Natural Law of Conditionality) will be opening more and more. (66) 


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