Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Be Shamed By The Chickens

Don't Be Shamed By The Chickens

            By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

If we compare ourselves with chickens we'll see,
They don't have headaches, insomnia, or ulcers.
They're free of nervous tension and mental disorders.
Chickens don't go crazy like we do every day.  

The world's people take drugs by the ton,
While the chickens don't take even a speck.
They sleep tight, minds at ease one-hundred per cent.
 Don't you feel a little embarrassed by the chickens?  

Human birth gives us the right to be neurotic: 
Should we count this as a blessing or a curse? 
Please find some Dhamma before it's too late, 
To live happily, no longer shamed by the chickens. 




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