Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation
 By  Ajahn Pasanno

       Loving-kindness is usually the entry point to the brahmaviharas.Take
time to establish yourself in loving-kindness. Pay attention to the feeling
of kindness, softness,warmth, and gentleness in the heart rather than the
words or concepts we use to describe loving-kindness. Cultivate and
bring this quality into consciousness as if loving-kindness were a muscle
that has not been used.

        Be aware of the posture, making sure the body is not tense. Soften, relax
the body. Pay attention to the posture so that one isn’t too strained. If
there’s a feeling of tightness, draw this feeling of loving-kindness around
that tension. Allow tenseness to disappear by drawing loving-kindness
around you. Surround yourself with loving-kindness and allow the tension
to disappear into the feeling of loving-kindness.

        Breathing in, think, “May I be happy.” Allow it to settle and permeate
the whole body, the whole heart. “May I be secure.” When breathing
out, sustain that attention within the heart.“I wish for well being. I wish
for security.” Establish this intention of loving-kindness. Keep returning
the focus to the heart base, taking the intention of loving-kindness, the
wish for happiness within.

        The mind wanders or gets distracted, but its duty right now, its sphere
of work, is to bring the quality of loving-kindness into the heart. Pay
attention to that intention, and direct the heart towards happiness, well
being, safety, and security. These are the qualities of metta. Pay attention
to the feeling in the heart, formulating in the mind, “May I be happy.
May I be secure,” but pay attention to the feelings within the heart. Let
the feeling resonate.“May I be happy.” Let the thought resonate within
Be aware, mindful of this moment, mindful of the breath.The sensation
of the breath is apparent.The sensation of the body sitting here is apparent.
But the central focus is the feeling within the heart. “May I be
happy. May I abide in well being. May I be secure. May I dwell in safety.”

        Allow the mind to experience the quality in the heart as in the
Divine Abidings chant, making it abundant, exalted, and immeasurable.
“May I be happy.”Allow the mind to soften, soften the heart.The intention
of loving-kindness is an intention of gentleness. But it is also very
strong, very powerful. Draw it into the heart and let it permeate one’s
being. Brighten the mind, brighten the heart with loving-kindness.

        Allow the heart and mind to expand, to be spacious.The quality of loving-
kindness is spacious and bright.

 Guided Meditation Practice
  By Ajahn Jayasaro

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