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Did you know that there is a flag with many happy colours belonging to all
the Buddhist people of the world? It sends to everybody a message of
peace when it flutters merrily in the wind.
The colours of the flag are the colours of the five rays of light that it is said
surrounded the head of the Buddha at the moment of Enlightenment.
Each means something important to us.
The International Buddhist Flag
                Blue represents Loving Kindness and Compassion.
                Yellow represents the Middle Way.
                Red represents the Blessings that come to those who practise.
                White represents the Dhamma which leads to freedom from suffering.
                Orange represents the development of Wisdom.


Here are two flags; the one on your right hand has the lines of the
Buddhist flag already drawn, it only needs the colours. Can you paint it?
The one on the left is blank so you can also paint the flag of your country.


 Here is the Buddha. Can you colour the rays with the colours of the flag?


Can you write below the meaning of each colour?

 Blue represents
Yellow represents
Red represents
White represents
Orange represents

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