Friday, September 16, 2011

Real Life

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu


Real life

Real life is beautiful and refreshing,
without forcing things, shaking, or shuddering,
not infatuated with even the least little thing,
with a heart stuck neither in evil nor good.
The property at home is just everyday stuff:
sweep out the evil and discard with the trash,
keeping the good just to aid, share, and support,
as simple virtue making life run more smoothly.
Not clinging to anything, no burdens of mind,
no fears of death and decay to shake or confuse,
light in both body and mind, never weary,
life is simply cool and peaceful — Nibbana. 
Nibbana =  the coolness of no fires
(greed, hatred, fear, delusion) burning.

All Day Long I Don't Do Anything

"All day long I don't do anything!"
Because of clearly understanding
That this "I" has no self.
Body & mind may act and create results,
Whether a little, a lot, or overflowing,
Then turn it all over to body & mind.

There's no way that "I" does, "I" gets,
Or "I" profits or loses or wins --  
Poor little, agitated, restless "Me."
For this reason, I can claim 
I live prosperously, luxuriously,
All day long without doing nothing!

I keep reminding myself always
To be mindful of mind not
Letting "me" or "mine" flare up.
Even when a project fulfills all wishes,
Don't go tricking yourself that
"I" did it … what a joke!


Let's Eat Time Together 

Look well, friends, the difference between night & day
Is nothing to get excited about — study this well!
Contemplate deeply as the wise ones do,
Seeing it's all just "time," with the same value.
Whether bright or dark, don't stretch or compress
Time into shorter or longer with your desires
That devour and digest the lives of beings.
Please be careful not to let it chew you to bits.
In other words, have no "Me" that is "Mine"
To live or to die. Drop your foolish worries,
Empty the mind of Ego & I,  realize Voidness —
That's how to eat time & kill it thoroughly.
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