Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fortunate to Honor Others

         Fortunate to Honor Others

                       Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

When we honor others we receive a bow in return,
An ancient system invoked by our ancestors that
The Buddha recommended as still worthy of interest,
With diligent application good fortune will never lack.

Furthermore, it brings us closer to Nibbana,
For it curtails egoism and doesn’t bristle our fur.
Regularly, consistently, not forgetting ourselves
Counting ourselves fortunate and having merit.

Most people are heavy-handed, contracted, and tough
Refusing to bow, crazily inflating aggressive postures
Ending in mutual animosity without virtue or value
Just amassing a coarseness of heart far from Nibbana.


  Resting – Empty – Vast 

Rest the heart in not grasping at all things
that await as bait for provoking desire.
With mindfulness let them go without delay,
seeing naturalness, not clinging to anything.

Thus empty of clinging and attachments
mind is bright, pure, clear, and luminous,
free of burning defilements, beyond flames.
Being empty of all suffering is the truest beauty.

More vastly open than sea, than spacious sky,
nothing can distress or afflict, nothing to fear,
above all sorrow and beyond joy at all hours,
Resting – Empty – Vast is "Eternal Beauty."


                                                              Grateful to Naturel  

I am convinced, and never
forget, that I was born
merely to work,
according to causes and circumstances,
for both you and I to know
and conquer the world, vanishing sorrow.

Nature created us complete
with thriving body-mind —
boundless thanks to Nature.
Tho’ it created me to be born, age,
and die, it created me
able to compete and thrive.

Dedicated to every duty,
pressing forward without pause
to reach the end before anyone else.
When friends just go to sleep
I am most diligent
as if chased from behind.


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