Thursday, June 28, 2012

Listen, You Anger Experts

               Listen, You Anger Experts

                           By  Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

    If you still get angry – stupidly, maliciously out-of-control –
    it's because of grasping "me" that anger cruelly erupts within.
    Without any "me" to cherish or wish for any kind of thing,
    how could you get angry at anyone – please consider!

    This is reason enough to keep a lid on this nasty "me."

    Don't let it give birth to itself as a seductive ghost,
    possessing your heart till its all messed up with "me,"
    throwing tantrums and wreaking havoc on loved ones.

    The tree of anger is deliciously sweet at its base

    but most bitter poison overflows at the extremes.
    Regard me kindly, please gather round and listen,
    don't risk doing business with anger, it's punishment is seve


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