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The Way-Things-Are

The Way-Things-Are


Welcome Spiritual Friends,There is a path we can use to lead us towards Happiness right in this life as well as the next one. However, if we ignore the fact that this life of ours is like a candle burning down, the end of our life will catch us unprepared. We will die in fear and regret. With this kind of mind state rebirth is dangerous. We could be reborn as an animal or–a ghost. We could be reborn as a disabled or disfigured person, or as an orphan living in a desperately poor slum, or worse.
The key to our favorable rebirth is our mind. And the key to developing the kind of mind that will lead to a favorable rebirth hinges on our accumulating goodness, or “boon”. Our duty in this life is develop a positive, wisdom-based, selfless, and compassionate mind state. If you can get a sense of how this mind state can impact you in this very life, you can understand how all energies can follow us and intrude into your future…into your next life. The psychological and physical realms that predominate are certain to predominate later. For instance, if you that you allow yourself to be angry often, this anger will be an even more dominant trait In your next life. Or, similarly, if you cannot control hate here, you likely will emerge as an even more hate-filled person in your next life. With insight you can see that living this life haphazardly is a very dangerous entertainment that you will have to pay for later.

In my view, a view founded in Ancient Oriental psychology, perhaps the most crucial challenge facing everyone born on this planet is to die peacefully and to be reborn in a favorable abode. For if we are reborn as a human, in an environment which can nurture us spiritually, we can be certain to be living wisely and compassionately in this lifetime.
From the time we are born to the time we leave this body we have lessons to learn. If we haven’t learned them all, our karma requires us to learn or review our lessons. Our karmic residue will bring us back to a place where we can work towards resolving our karmic predicament. There is no escape from our karma. We are obliged to confront our karma, deal with it, and then go on to help others.

Living usefully in this life means also living well for the next life. We have all accumulated enough good karma to be born as a human being in this life. But being born as a human being is not enough. We need only look at much of Africa to recognize just how difficult life can be as a human being and how deep a hell realm one can be born into. There are a myriad of life-style situations in which the possibility of dramatic evolution is all but impossible.

If we look at our life from a big perspective we can see that we are actually the sum total of everything that has ever happened to us. But if the only thing we gather throughout our lives is bare experience, our lives would be folly, for experience for the sake of mere experience becomes a weight on our mind and deprives us of freshness. We need to look carefully at the events in our lives so that we triumphant over the trails and challenges that inevitably arise for each of us. This is a mature approach to life for it means we are capable of growing, changing, and moving beyond most of our unsupported beliefs and assumptions.
Of course we run into a lot of pain. But this is because we blindly run after immediate gratification. Looking for complete and lasting satisfaction from changing things is a sure recipe for distress.

It is clear to me that the last moments of this life are crucial and deciding. One doesn’t have to die to realize this with utter confidence. This accords with the many stories of people who have experienced a near death experience in which they saw themselves letting go of one’s life and moving through a transition realm toward the next one. This accords with the awareness and insight of meditators who recognize that the mental environment of ones mind at the time of our “small death”, i.e. sleeping, determines precisely where we will awaken into in the morning. This is known as linking-consciousness.
With the help of an array of spiritual friends, I have created this site and an accompanying holy tool kit that I can send to you to help you engineer your mind in a way that can provide you with the maximum opportunity to be re-born in a situation where you can help yourself and help others. The materials contained in this kit have never before been assembled together in order to maximize the spiritual synergy (a spiritual energy vortex) .The kit is designed to help turn your life towards your heart, to hasten your spiritual evolution, and to generate the conditions that will help you ensure a favorable future life. We hope this is of interest to you.

We very much hope this will be of interest to you. Kindly click below to learn more about the Way-Things-Are.
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