Friday, November 18, 2011

What is This World, After All?

What is This World,Affer All?

By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu











Our world is just a theater that never
bothers to teach us how to play our parts well.
We flood onto the stage so seriously, all life long,
So long as avijja* drags us on by our throats. 


This world is a chicken's coop we're put in
so our flesh can be sliced away till none is left.
Yet we viciously peck at those sharing this cage
chasing excuses to fight — it terrifies me! 



The simple fact is that no “me” exists
but in a wink and a slip the ghost appears.
Once awareness recovers, “me” disappears.
Ending this “me” business is good for all.


Dear Comrade, why not remove the "me"-ing
and, while you’re at it, the "you"-ing, too.
Living together with wisdom and kindness,
each doing the moment’s duty as best we can.


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